Flash on the iPhone now possible

Published:  November 4, 2010
Flash on the iPhone now possible

Anyone who owns an iPhone is aware that Flash for the iPhone is simply non-existent. Many of those beloved YouTube videos you could watch on your computer simply could not be played when you hit the road with only your iPhone in hand.

Alas, iPhone owners everywhere can now rejoice. A startup company named Skyfire has come to the rescue with a downloadable browser of the same name. The browser will convert Flash video to the Apple approved HTML5 for iPhone. And yes, it works for the the whole iOS family including your iPod touch and iPad.

Adobe and Apple had a very public falling out earlier in the year and many had simply surrendered to the idea of never having Flash functionality on an iOS run device, but Skyfire’s browser will be available through the official App Store and it’s completely Apple approved.

2 Responses

  1. ’4 November, 11:21am: Due to the unexpected demand on Skyfire servers this App has “sold out.”‘ This certainly says something about the demand for Flash on the iPhone!

  2. Graeme

    That’s not quite Flash on the iPhone, more FLV video on the iPhone, Flash is a bit more than that. Apple needs to get over it and allow Flash on iOS.

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