Flat and fluid: Gorgeous animation for Vitra

Published:  February 17, 2014
Bonnie Abbott
Flat and fluid: Gorgeous animation for Vitra

Swiss furniture brand Vitra commissioned London-based Nexus Productions to animate a story woven around their Barber Osgerby designed Map Table. Referencing the kind of work one might do upon it, Nexus created a story of one table, one woman and her work, growing into a bustling studio of six people and six tables, with each addition the table providing a easy evolution into something more useful and appropriate.

The animation appears flat at first, but is quickly layered with other flat transparencies, offering depth where the illustrative style lacks it. Through each transition of the table’s life, time is sped up and the humanoid characters around it morph and stretch as if time is momentarily sucked into a worm hole. It’s a sumptuous effect that comes as a surprise in the animation’s otherwise flat vector fades. Capturing a screenshot at the right moment offers a view into the construction of these ‘morphs’, the shapes organic and fluid against the rigid regularity of the illustration around it.

Nexus is an independent production company and animation studio, having produced work that includes an Oscar nominated short, Grammy nominated and MTV Award winning music videos, and Cannes Grand Prix, Gold Lions, and Black D&AD pencil winning commercials. They recently worked on the acclaimed Inner Beauty commercial for Honda.


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  1. That’s a shame… I was hoping to see the video. Any idea where I can find it?

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