Maricor/Maricar: From embroidery to animation

Published:  August 5, 2014

Maricor/Maricar have built their young studio’s reputation on their unique embroidered art, illustration and design work — a painsaking ‘slow design’ craft process that stands out from the sea of digitally-rendered design work. But you may not know that the Sydney duo (and sisters) started out in stop motion, and recently, have been able to revisit their skills in a video project for the University of Sydney.

The Unexpected Collaborations video series was created for the launch of the University’s new research facility, the Charles Perkins Centre, which brings together experts from disparate fields such as farming, medicine and gaming, to work together on projects that meet the challenges of the future. Co-directed with Mel Pragassen (In the Thicket) and Sydney agency The Monkeys, the three short videos reflect the collaborative nature of the research facility in their production, in a mix of stop motion, live action and sculpture.

For Maricor/Maricar, embroidery has meant they are no strangers to slow, careful production, but it was a chance to use their hands in a different way. “It was such an enjoyable project where we got to stretch ourselves a bit but still able to work with our hands building and making fun stuff,” they told us. “It was great being back in animation mode. We still retained the essence of what we love creating — which is tactile and quirky visuals — just in another dimension, with more opportunities to create a sense of play through the trickery of motion.”

“We wanted to visualise the ‘anything is possible’ type of energy that’s created when unexpected collaborations take place,” they explained. “It was important that we use as many found ‘ordinary’ objects as possible, but have them behave in unconventional ways — e.g. the glowing mechanised plants and bouncing ice creams.”

“The videos celebrate not just the act of thinking laterally, but behaving laterally too.”

All images: Maricor/Maricar

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