Frost* high-impact annual report for OzHarvest

Published:  March 31, 2014

Following on from the multi award-winning report last year, Frost* has designed the 2013 annual report for food rescue charity, OzHarvest.

The charity, who is a pro-bono client of *Frost’s, rescues excess food that would otherwise be discarded, redistributing it to charities in cities around Australia. It delivers over 440,000 meals (168 tonnes of otherwise wasted food) to vulnerable people each month.

The document is a realisation of the concept ‘counting on love’, focusing on the ‘heroes’ who donate food, time or money. It also features a ‘Book of Hearts’—an insert showcasing art and testimonials from key supporters and ambassadors. As a graphic element, these thoughts are used as pull quotes to contextualise artwork — visual contributions utilising the ‘love-heart’ motif to visually represent what the mission of the charity means to each of the creators.

The main body of the report draws upon the bold graphic identity and style Frost* developed for OzHarvest in 2012. The 36 page document is printed on bright yellow stock and one colour only, a cost-saving benefit for the charity, although no graphic impact is lost.

Bold typography and facts and figures represented as info-graphics for easy digestion, all rendered in the brand font ‘Frankfurter’.

If you have heard either Vince Frost or OzHarvest founder and CEO, Ronni Kahn, speak about the work OzHarvest and Frost* do together, the mutual respect and mission between the two companies in effecting change would have been noted in the passion of their delivery.

“Our annual report is a key marketing and communications tool for our organisation ,” said OzHarvest founder and CEO, Ronni Kahn. “It is used to engage those who may not be aware of what we do and as a tool to thank and recognise those who support us.”

“Annual reports are usually about money. But this one is about joy, dignity, connection and a sense of love and care felt by the people behind OzHarvest, which is impossible to monetise.”

This heart project will be used to attract global support as OzHarvest is an official partner of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), and also to highlight their work addressing the issues of food waste, food sustainability and food security.

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