Frost* continues ‘Ending HIV’ campaign

Published:  March 7, 2014
Bonnie Abbott

Frost* has released the third instalment of its Ending HIV campaign for the AIDS Council of NSW (ACON) (see previous: desktop Sydney Wakes in Safe Sex City) . It is the studio’s sixth full scale campaign for ACON in addition to other small projects such as the World AIDS Day 2013 campaign.

The Frost* team used the same bold graphic language used in the previous instalments, which were inspired by early 20th Century revolutionary posters and the iconic ‘Choose Life’ t-shirts from the 1980s band, Wham! This time, the graphics encourage early testing for the disease”K(now)” and that testing procedure is “E(as)y”.

The campaign was launched in time for the Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras festival and focuses on encouraging gay men to increase the testing for HIV from once to twice a year – a key part of ACON’s plan to end HIV by 2020.

The project has already won recognition in the Sydney Design Awards and Create Design Awards, amongst others.

“This campaign has been one of the most satisfying projects we’ve been involved in, because the evidence is that the message is cutting through and behaviour is changing,” said Vince Frost. “Ending HIV is a vitally important mission, not just here in Australia but for the whole world and it’s exciting to be a part of making that a reality”.

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  1. Jack Bruce

    yeah all very pretty….its just a pity that it doesnt achieve the aim. HIV is on the increase and this campaign has done nothing to halt it….I would like to see the data behind the idea……..anecdotally young gay men and not using condoms….rates are rising…this one just doesnt work……..ask the mane in the street and they say it looks like a cancer research campaign………

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