Gather & Fold

Published:  February 3, 2012
Gather & Fold

Hoping to present a neat snapshot of the design community, Double Days has announced a new online project Gather & Fold. Double Days is one half Bonnie Abbott, a print designer in Melbourne and one half Aimee Jay, an interactive designer in UK.

Gather & Fold is described as an ‘online journal’ and is based on a referral system between creatives of all disciplines… the creative who is interviewed, decides on who should be interviewed next, which should lead to an interesting trail of relationships, between emerging, outsider, unknown and established designers. Occasionally new streams of interviewees will be introduced – if you have a suggestion, email it here.

Interviews currently up on the website include Warren Taylor, Matt Hinkley, Chris Hill and Leah Jackson. Start reading at

All images taken from Warren Taylor’s interview on Gather & Fold.

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