General Assembly joins Yoke to host A Brief Night

Published:  November 5, 2015

Hands-on design event series A Brief Night is back, with Melbourne studio Yoke joining forces with forward-thinking educators General Assembly to offer design students, grads and aspiring designers another taste of the pressures and the challenges working as a designer in a busy studio.

From the first Brief Night at Yoke studio

From the first Brief Night at Yoke studio

From the first Brief Night at Yoke studio

From the first Brief Night at Yoke studio

Here you won’t have months, weeks or even days to research, revise and revisit your design work. Instead you will experience the realities of operating within the demands and deadlines of a fast-paced studio, working on the type of projects the industry might throw at you when you’re in the workplace.

Here’s the low down: Participants on the night will all be presented with the same solo design brief. The countdown then starts and you have 90 minutes to respond. As in the real world, the brief may not be perfect, and you’ll need to be on your guard for any extra curricular requirements. During the 90 minutes, help, advice and direction will be made available to those that need it. When the time runs out, the designing stops. Each participant will then present their work to the rest of the group and get a chance to hear how they’ve done with a few beers in hand.

With three Brief Night’s already under the belt, Richie Meldrum, creative director of Yoke, reflects on his favourite moment from the series.

“At the second event we put on, there was a guy taking part who, about half way through, said he needed to take a call and asked if he could go outside. Then, when we were tallying up names at the end of the event, we realised that he’d run off! He did email us the next day saying sorry and that the pressure had just gotten to him a little, so at least the mystery was solved. The event can be quite stressful, but it’s supposed to be fun as well,” says Meldrum.

For those who can’t make it down to General Assembly HQ in Melbourne, the brief will be made available online on the evening, while a live stream from the venue will beam the briefing process and the 90 minute work time via Periscope.

All participants will be invited to upload their efforts to social media using the hash tag #abriefnight so you can see the different creative approaches to the same brief.

When: Wednesday 2 December 2015, 6pm start.
Where: General Assembly, 12a/45 William Street, Melbourne.

For more info and registration details, have a look here.

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