Getty Images and Flickr get cosy

Published:  June 23, 2010
Getty Images and Flickr get cosy

Last week’s announcement of a new deal between Getty Images and Flickr has caused quite a stir amongst photographers and photosharers all over the world.

Under the new deal, Flickr users can potentially earn an income from their images by opting into the “Request to License” via Getty Images program. A user can now choose to submit their photos into the program and in doing so, any potential licensees wishing to use one of those images clicks on a link which will then put them in touch with a Getty representative. Essentially, Getty acts as the middle man by informing the prospective buyer of details such as pricing and Conditions of Use before sending a request to the owner of the image.

In an interview with BBC news, Flickr’s general manager, Douglas Alexander, was enthusiastic about the opportunities the new deal would provide the photosharing site’s 40 million users, allowing members to “get their work out there to the largest possible audience.”

“This deal broadens the horizons and the global marketplace for commercial photography and gives our users the chance to make some money.” Mr Alexander said.

Not so enthusiastic, it seems, are those fearing a glut of images which may not be of the best standard and a lot cheaper. One Slashdot commenter suggests there will be that whole mentality of “Why should I pay X dollars for your professional  photography when I can get something that ‘looks as good’ for a dollar on Flickr?” and further, many agree that the partnership is a “cash-grabbing” scheme for Getty.

The move strengthens the relationship between Getty and Flickr and  as yet, it seems difficult to judge who the real winners and losers are from the new deal.

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  1. cut and paste

    do we open the door to choice? or allow photographers to command premiums ?

    choice vs command

  2. This seems like a good initiative to get unknown photographers (such as myself) noticed.

    I’ve had Getty approach me about purchasing 5 of my images and this has all come via this new Flickr initiative.

    Granted, the red tape and paperwork from Getty to get releases and such is quite monumental and time consuming.

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