Going digital to get Barbie and Ken back to together

Published:  February 9, 2011
Going digital to get Barbie and Ken back to together

If you’re not in the loop, Barbie and Ken broke up a while ago. It was a long time coming and Barbie needed a man who could change his hairstyle as often as she changed her clothes – plastic fantastic Ken just couldn’t keep up.

But with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Ken (and Mattel) have embarked on all encompassing digital marketing campaign in the hopes of the ultimate reunion.

Images copyright Mattel

Images copyright Mattel

The campaign’s base camp is the Barbie and Ken website and the entire thing is hardly child’s play. Instead, it coincides nicely with the 50th anniversary of Ken’s creation and the launch of the new ‘Sweet Talking Ken’ doll – he’s the perfect boyfriend because he says everything you want him to say!


As part of the campaign, us hopeless romantics can follow Ken’s love escapades on his personal Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and Youtube pages. His last YouTube video saw him make a Match.com ad only to find his perfect match – Barbie… awwww. Fans can also interact with Ken just like they would any other person, and even vote on whether they think Ken and Barbie should kiss and make up. Ain’t love grand?


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