Little yellow book: Gol! from Studio DBD and Hey Studio

Published:  June 18, 2014
Lucy Waddington

Having worked with Manchester gallery and bar space, TwentyTwentyTwo (TTT) for many years, Dave Sedgwick from UK-based Studio DBD was approached and asked to draw an audience to their live screenings of the World Cup with a unique and otherwise unseen approach. Quick to collaborate with Barcelona-based Hey Studio, after seeing characters that had been produced for their EveryHey project on Instagram, a limited edition book titled ‘Gol!’ and series of prints were commissioned.

Having already worked with Hey on the first BCNMCR event held this year (a design event in Manchester featuring Barcelona-based design studios) it seemed a perfect collaboration for TTT and Studio DBD. Sedgwick explains that he “loved the simplicity of the characters” that were posted by Hey on Instagram, he continues “I sent them an email and we agreed to meet up in Barcelona and discuss it further. The idea for a mini book came about and we thought it would be fun to feature 32 of the best players involved in this year’s World Cup. I decided it might be cool to add some fun facts about the players, alongside dates for the games and a chance to fill in your own World Cup chart. At the same time, we all agreed it would be cool to have an exhibition at TTT of the characters and have a chance to buy the book, the individual player prints or the limited edition A1 poster of all 32 players.”

Gol_08 Gol_07 Gol_06 Gol_05 Gol_04

Still a relatively new space, Sedgwick says “we wanted to help gain awareness of the venue (TTT) and to perhaps get people to go along to see the football and then stumble across the design work, or vice versa, maybe someone would come to the design show and stay to watch the football. Plus we wanted to have some fun and collaborate on a project together.”

IMG_2897 IMG_2925

In regard to making something distinct and memorable, Sedgwick explains that “the characters are great as they are so simple, but through geometric shapes and colour you can easily distinguish between the players. It’s quite fun trying to see who is who and picking your favourite! There wasn’t really any inspiration as such, it was purely a great chance to work together with Hey again on a project I love (football) for a client who is great at trusting me to answer the brief.”

Gol_03 Gol_02 Gol_01

The limited edition books and prints are available from TwentyTwentyTwo here.

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