Google launches online magazine

Published:  March 28, 2011
Google launches online magazine

Google released its own online magazine last week without any of the hype or fanfare that usually surrounds the company’s announcements.

In fact, most Googlers would have been none the wiser unless they deliberately searched for Think Quarterlythat’s the magazine’s name.

In a statement the search engine giant said the quarterly magazine provides “breathing space in a busy world.” Google explained that the magazine is a way for the company to communicate business and technology news and data information to their big earning UK clients.

Google also announced thay it wasn’t a magazine, but a “short book” that just looks like a magazine, reads like a magazine and has interviews, features and news articles written by some of the world’s premier business and technology journalists including Ulrike Reinhard and Simon Rogers.

Whatever you call it, the magazine/book has been beautifully designed in a minimalist and abstract way, with a lot of attention paid to type.

Read Think Quarterly online for free here.

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  1. im sure google online magazine will be a cool magazine ever! lol

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