Grad support: celebrating employers that #PayNicely

Published:  August 29, 2014

Ben Brookbanks from London-based agency MultiAdaptor is on a mission to launch a graduate focused campaign in time for the London Design Festival in September. Tagged with #PayNicely, the initiative is best described as a social media ‘club’ open to anyone and everyone looking to pay design graduates fairly. Coinciding with graduation, many new graduates are now looking at internships, so this gesture of support couldn’t have been welcomed more warmly.

The issue of money for any practice in the creative industry is a sensitive one, raising divisive opinions and stirring debate globally. There are more details to come, but what Brookbanks wants until then is the ethos that there should be Fair Pay for Design Graduates.

Follow the developments and spread the word via Twitter, using #PayNicely and #GetPaidNotPlayed.


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