Harley-Davidson features three Aussie illustrators in millennial-focused campaign

Published:  June 24, 2016

Harley-Davidson Australia and New Zealand has launched a new campaign to entice younger consumers to its brand of motorcycles featuring works by three Australian illustrators.

The campaign is being run in partnership with Instagram and advertising agency 303 MullenLowe and asks its audience, ‘Where will the road take you?’ and aims to celebrate what the Australian road has to offer, including seaside fun, the great outdoors and foodie destinations.

The decision to focus on the three topics in the creative was made after analysis of millennial Instagram use showed millennials favouring things like food, surfing and travel. “We used this as leverage to connect with new audiences. It was great tapping into these resources to grow Harley’s following even more,” says Richard Morgan, executive creative director at 303MullenLowe.

The works are by Sean Morris, James Gulliver Hancock and Benjamin Consantine of The Jacky Winter Group.

Each panoramic image is, “its own garden of Earthly delights”. Neptune’s land is an oceanscape of mermaids and beard-riding surfers, the foodie community gets burger-growing carnivorous trees and clouds that rain strawberries, and nature lovers enjoy (?) a campsite crawling with ghoulish marsupials.

“As a brand, Harley-Davidson stands for authenticity and individuality. We wanted to express this spirit of freedom by using artists with their own unique style to reach communities who might not ordinarily consider riding a Harley,” says David Turney, head of advertising, promotions and PR at Harley-Davidson Australia and New Zealand of the creative for the campaign.

Social for the campaign on Instagram and Facebook runs via #Roadofimagination, and leads to a competition microsite where audiences can win an autographed canvas of the artwork by telling where the road could take them in 140 characters or less.

Click an image to enlarge:

HarleyDavidson_OceanCalls_LR 2 580

HarleyDavidson_GreatOutdoors_LR 2 580

HarleyDavidson_HungerCalls_LR 2 580


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