Higher Order announce a series of winter workshops

Published:  May 30, 2013
Higher Order announce a series of winter workshops

Higher Order delivers design and art based workshops in collaboration with trained teachers and an alternating roster of professional designers. Situated in the heart of Marrickville at Studio 2204, this is the perfect location for day long workshops with children. It is a big, bright, creative space, with room to explore new ideas.

In their own words, the organisers at Higher order say “We have picked the best, of the best, of the best to work alongside your kids these holidays, not show them what to do, but to work with them to learn new skills they can keep for life.”

Take a look at the lineup for upcoming workshops —

Jordan Clarke
Tote-ally Drawing With Thread
Monday 1 July 2013
9am to 3pm — $100.00
Get down with Jordan Clarke and learn how to illustrate a still life scene on to a tote bag with thread.
It’s going to be totes amazing.

Gemma O’Brien
My Type Of Song
Tuesday 2 July 2013
9am to 3pm — $100.00
Gemma O’Brien is a typeface wizard and she will be on hand to show you some supernatural skills in creating a custom typeface that you will hand paint on to a t-shirt.

James Jirat Patradoon
A Monstrous Hat-astrophe
Wednesday 3 July 2013
9am to 3pm — $100.00
James Jirat Patradoon will astonish you with his illustrations and show you how to paint a murderous monster on a cap that you will take home and never want to take off.

Georgia Perry
Re-look A Book
Thursday 4 July 2013
9am to 3pm — $100.00
Georgia Perry will guide you through the process of designing a new cover and illustrations for a classic Australian picture book using collage that you will take home and want to re-read forever.

Chair Flair (Oh Yeah)
Friday 5 July 2013
9am to 3pm — $100.00
Numskull will show you how to design some lettering and hand paint a stool that you will take home and never get tired of using.

A five day ‘Attend Every Event’ value pack is also available.
Numbers are strictly limited, so head over to Higher Order to make a booking.


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