Holler goes global with iPad app artwork

Published:  November 16, 2010
Holler goes global with iPad app artwork

A unique iPad app from UK studio, UsTwo, has turned into quite the phenomenon, something with Australian agency, Holler, is now proud to be a part of.

The app, Granimator, is one of the Top 10 free apps on iTunes and works with the idea that users can design wallpaper using only their fingers. Graphics are sourced from globally recognised illustrators and creative studios such as Airside, Buro Destruct, mcbess and now Holler, the only Australian agency involved.

All images copyright Holler

All images copyright Holler

Holler’s creatures pack was initially started as daily doodles by Kerry Edwards, former design director at Holler, and gradually developed into a character theme with sounds from Sydney musician, Eli Murray.

“The iPad is an astonishingly simple device. At the same it challenges us creatives to display our work in new ways,” says Holler’s creative director Tim Buesing. “And Granimator selecting us to join such an international A-team was obviously an honour.”

Watch the cool demo video from Holler below, as Tim Buesing and Kerry Edwards explain how to use the app:

Wallpaper Creatures – the Holler Pack on Granimator from Mike Hill on Vimeo.

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