Honda’s 70 years of history through animation

Published:  September 24, 2015

Honda has released an animated ad tracing its 70 years of history – from the founder Soichiro Honda’s first motorcycles to future innovations including race cars.

The two-minute video, titled ‘Paper’ is directed by Academy Award-winning animator Adam Pesapane, or better known as PES. What’s incredible is that while the ad may seem like it’s been edited using CGI, it was actually built via stop-motion animation, featuring thousands of hand-drawn illustrations from different artists and animators.


The concept behind the entire animation was to celebrate Honda’s years and years of ideas, sketches and innovations.

The challenge, as PES told Fast Company, was to weave everything together in one giant motion shot. And he achieved this by focusing on the original Honda motor, as you will see in the ad, as it gets pinched, flipped and rebuilt again and again, transforming from one product to another.

PES told Fast Company that the fluid effect of the hands flipping over pieces of paper was achieved through a technique called pixilation in which “human bodies are animated like clay models”. PES added that it’s one of the most difficult aspects of the art, because people naturally can’t stay still long enough to animate them frame by frame. The hands here were filmed four frames to one with the rest of the film.

Check out the behind the scenes video of the ad and see how it was brought to life.


View the original article here on Fast Company.

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