HORT calls for help to make celebratory comic

Published:  January 30, 2014
HORT calls for help to make celebratory comic

From their singular reputation within the international design community and inclusive belief in broad collaborations, German studio HORT (see: desktop The Heart of Hort) are asking the whole world to get involved in the celebration of their 20th year in practice. They have constructed a drawing game which they will edit and turn into a comic.

From January 27th, Hort have supplied anyone who will listen a set of instructions — two images that represent the beginning and ending of a chapter, to be reinterpreted and filled by you. The last image will also represent the beginning of the next chapter. Each chapter, a double page spread, will stand in as a decade of Hort’s existence. Make sense? They supply PDF instructions to illustrate their idea:

Instructed to ‘draw it your way’, Hort iterate that there is no required drawing style and a lot of creative license on your part, where the start and end slides can be bent to your will and the middle filled with whatever absurdity you wish. They offer their own example, characteristically abstract and brilliantly deformed:

“This is a fun project. We love to see what you will do,” explain HORT. “We love to see a variety of styles, love to read what you think could have happened in between these images… we love to see the whole story. 20 years – seems to be long, but from a bigger view it’s a blink of an eye.”

Contributions will be collected and one will be chosen to go in the comic. Each week there will be new slides and a new chance to take part. Contributors, whether their piece is chosen to be a part of the comic or not, will received a copy of the comic once it is completed.

“We will print a limited run of the final comic. The amount will depend on the amount of the contributions so everyone who took part will get one,” explain HORT. “We will print another run of 50 that will be sold online. All income out of this will be donated to Amnesty International.”

The next round of beginning and ending slides have been released, and you have until the 1st Feb to get your contribution in. Download the PDF for full instructions and guidelines.


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