How do you define ‘quality’?

Published:  February 24, 2014

To promote paper, print and Silk—HD, BJ Ball worked with Hofstede to launched a simple online survey that compiles the data input of designers, asking them to define ‘quality’ using a word, a colour and a typeface.

With contributions reading like “Competent, B. Black C, C. Geogrotesque” and “Longevity, B. Neutral Black C, C. Plantin”, the collected words read as one dedication to the idea of quality, and trends can be traced through the choices of typeface and colour (with blacks appeared most frequently). The campaign is backed up with a second chapter — every contributor will receive a limited edition publication Definitions printed on Silk—HD full of the work of artists, photographers and designers, including TOKO, Alter and U–P (with Scottie Cameron).

Having already been live for a couple of weeks, the collection of words and definitions has expanded rapidly, aided by social media channels.

The survey asks to define ‘quality’ using a word, a colour or a typeface

Each contributor gets a sample of Silk—HD, printed and bound as a limited edition release, ‘Definitions’

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