How much are you earning?

Published:  June 27, 2012
How much are you earning?

Firebrand has released its latest report of creative services industry salary figures… and the results are pretty interesting.

Drawing data from its online salary portal, Firebrand aims to present up-to-date gender, salary and benefit insights from marketing, communications, creative, digital, account management and media sectors in Australia (and New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the UK).

If you were thinking that salary gender bias no longer exists, think again. When looking at figures specific to the creative services industry in Australia, the major finding is that men are still paid more than women (this is in fact the same for every sector and every country mentioned above). Women are paid a median base salary of $55,000 in Australia, while men are paid a median base salary of $68,000 – a 23% difference. Over all sectors listed above, women are paid a median base salary of $63,000, while while men are paid a median base salary of $88,000 – a 39.68% difference.

However, when getting even more specific and looking at particular job categories within the creative services industry in Australia, the results are reversed – men do not dominate in every case. Female creative directors and art directors in fact earn more than their male counterparts:

Creative director:
Female: $120,000, Male: $111,250

Art director:
Female: $95,500, Male: $77,500

The survey also investigates employee lifestyle benefits such as flexible working hours and paid maternity/paternity leave. Flexible hours are very common in New Zealand (24%), while Asian countries lead the way concerning paid maternity/paternity leave. Australia has a low result for both lifestyle benefits.

If you’d like to compare your salary, head to and see where you stand. All salary data is shown ‘live’, so the moment it’s entered it becomes available to the entire community (there are already over 23,000 salary profiles entered anonymously by professionals in the industry).

Median Base Salary: The median base salary is the salary that falls midpoint of all matching salary data. It does not include cash benefits/bonus or superannuation/pension.

2 Responses

  1. spookymuffin

    There doesn’t seem to be much of a dataset in there, considering I only had 8 results to compare to. Not sure how accurate it is?

  2. Joshua Stone

    The salaries are really depressingly low. Probably not so if you were a nurse or teacher actually contributing something meaningful to society.

    I work in the publishing industry in a senior design role, I am actually really well paid according to this survey… damn.

    I do not understand why there is any sort of pay inequality in the Media/Design industry, in my experience male or female does the same sort of job, good or bad. Must be just plain old sexism.

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