How to live like a creative: a step-by-step guide

Published:  February 16, 2016

Online platform for creatives Format reveals survey findings on how to live like a creative.

What do creatives do all day? How much coffee do they drink in a day? How do they end their day? How do they work? Do they own a pet? These questions and more are answered in a survey conducted by online platform Format.

Format collaborated with illustrator Sam Island to visualise the key findings and illustrate the respondents’ daily habits, hour by hour.


More than 2000 of the site’s members were surveyed and they revealed that “67% of creatives like to drink coffee” and half of the respondents own a cat or a dog, and “48% own a leather jacket”.

Format_survey 2


There are a number of interesting findings for productivity, too. 20% of those surveyed saying they “find themselves to be most creatively productive during the late morning, between 10am to 12:59pm,” and another 20% “most creatively productive during the night, between 9pm and 11:59pm.”

Also, to note: “The tears of joy was respondents’ most used emoji in 2015″.

How does your day match up to the findings?

See the full survey findings here.

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