Hoyne win gold for branding in Graphis Design Annual 2015

Published:  July 3, 2014

One of Australia’s most recognised branding agencies, Hoyne, have been awarded a gold medal in the Graphis Design Annual 2015 awards for their work on Dinosaur Design’s definitive annual publication. Being one of three firms from down-under to win platinum or gold, their secondary project for Garden House also received a merit from the international judging panel.

Having published influential work in design, advertising and photography since 1944, Hoyne were piled in with thousands of submissions headed to New York’s Graphis jury with the hope of being published in a highly anticipated annual. Coming from international leaders in their respective fields, it’s a substantial effort to sift through entries to select the most compelling work.

Being a celebrated Australian brand supplying jewellery, homewares and objet d’art, Dinosaur Designs possess a unique personality that needed to be approached with a designers vision in order to collaborate in true artistic style. Working hand in hand with Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy of Dinosaur Designs to direct a shoot showcasing the new collection, the dust jacket is even adapted for applications as a poster.

DinosaurDesigns_018_150dpi DinosaurDesigns_170_72dpi DinosaurDesigns_160_72dpi DinosaurDesigns_096_150dpi DinosaurDesigns_039_72dpi

Introducing a stylish, peaceful retreat in one of Sydney’s busiest, most active and urban neighbourhoods, Garden House is an exquisitely verdant and landscaped village with interiors by Hecker Guthrie. Involved throughout the entire project, Hoyne contributed insights and ideas about everything from communal spaces to apartment design, landscape, retail and apartment pricing so as to create a product and brand with a strategy of unique appeal. Victorian-influenced flourished illustrations position the identity as a champion of ‘inside out living’.

Principal of the firm, Andy Hoyne, goes on to explain  “I believe Australia produces world-leading work — ours is an international market now. Much of the work we’re doing at Hoyne is for overseas applications. For the sake of our industry, it’s important that our design and branding acumen be associated with the world’s best.”

Following their prized success, Andrew continues by saying, ““We never see ourselves as competing with local agencies. We always take a broader view than that. Campaigns for Dinosaur Design and Garden might be highly awarded, but they’ve also achieved incredible results for our clients. With Garden House, for example, over 90 per cent of the apartments sold within five weeks of the campaign launching.”

GardenHouse_027_72dpi GardenHouse_024_72dpi GardenHouse_016_150dpi GardenHouse_002_150dpigdeets


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