Incoming, Outgoing: Introducing desktop‘s new editor

Published:  January 20, 2015
Bonnie Abbott

After 18 months and 12 issues, I am stepping down as desktop‘s editor.

It has been a pretty incredible time, and I have been fortunate in so many ways. I have been able to work and collaborate with so many people that I respect. I have learned so much about the characters and spirit that makes up our unique industry. I have been able to investigate, explore and experiment within the design publishing domain (and get paid for it!), and I have been humbled by the authenticity, passion and honest engagement of desktop‘s loyal audience.

There are many people to thank for their support and contributions during my time here, and this morning (as I write this) I feel overwhelmed by the thought of their knowledge, generosity and passion, so often given at the detriment of their time and productivity, that has made desktop what it is. I would like to sincerely thank each contributor who has loaned their expertise within these last 12 issues.

As of today, I officially hand over the position to Katia Pase (pictured). Katia comes from a literary background, and is a creative self-publisher, editor and teacher. As we have worked together these past couple of weeks, I have also discovered that Katia is curious, funny, meticulous and driven by quality. With Lucy Waddington fully entrenched in her assistant editor role, I am certain that together they can mould and propel desktop within this significant new chapter of its history.

So far, 2015 has been about completing desktop‘s relaunch issue, which will be published in February. It is an exciting transition for the magazine and represents the continued evolution and inclusive spirit of design. With such an exciting shift in direction, it also marks the perfect time to hand the reins to a new kind of editor, and an apt way for me to say goodbye.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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