Interactive elements: a tale of water, fire and ice

Published:  June 22, 2014

Based in the UK, Hristiyan Pavlov, is a product designer who specialises in print and publishing at Stripy Door Studio. With a user-centric focus, Pavlov’s work champions an interactive experience that contributes to the beauty of each object. For instance, his collection of immersive fairytale books encourage a distinct encounter with each story — activated by warmth, frost and moisture.



The Little Mermaid

Covered in translucent raised lines that are reminiscent of fish scales, this book invites the reader to ‘rinse before use’ in order for text to appear on the moisture sensitive paper. Pavlov explains, “At a brief glance the content of this book appears to be mysteriously scarce but the specificity of the layout suggests that there is more to it than the naked eye can capture. However, following the simple instructions the reader is soon bound to find themselves in an ocean world of adventure as contact with water transforms the pages.”

mermaid-cover mermaid-under-water mermaid-spread-web

The Little Match Seller

A vibrant red immediately evokes a sense of heat and radiant energy, with rippling lines continuing to suggest the motion of flickering flames. Instructed to ‘keep warm’, the reader is instantly invited to nurture the book with their own body heat. A bittersweet tale, Pavlov says, “The story of this book is well-known for its sad nuances counteracted by rays of hope and visions of happiness. What if these streaks of positivity remained hidden away in the cold? Would you warm the book up and help the little match seller or would you prefer the brutal context of reality? The choice is yours.”

seller-cover-web seller-spread-2 seller-hand

The Snow Queen

Frosted and pearlescent, readers are asked to ‘keep refrigerated’ in order to uncover each fragment of the chilling narrative. Best enjoyed with numbed fingertips, Pavlov explains, “If you were to read this book in the cosiness and comfort of your home you are likely to never find out how the story ends as some key information would remain hidden from the surface. It is only when you physically place yourself in an suitably cold environment that you get to visit the Snow Queen’s castle.”

snow-cover-web snow-close-web snow-queen-test1


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