Interactive YouTube videos

Published:  February 4, 2011
Interactive YouTube videos

Even watched a YouTube video and thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if that keyboard-playing cat turned into a dog?’? Probably not, but someone, somewhere has and they’ve managed to find a solution to boot -  interactive YouTube videos.

A new and potentially internet-changing medium, interactive YouTube videos let you pick what happens in the video you’re watching. You can decide the fate of a bunch of crusading teen, play chords on a guitar, navigate a maze of streets to escape the undead, even have a break dancing dance off. It’s all very exciting stuff, especially for ad men like European company Tip-Ex, who ran a very successful campaign last year called ‘A Hunter Shoots a Bear’. In it, you get to choose whether to kill a bear that’s nosing around your campsite… and everyone gets a very good look at the liquid paper they’re trying to sell in the process.

While the format is still pretty fresh, there are a few mind-blowing interactive videos already on YouTube. We thought we’d include a few here. Tell us which one is your favourite.

Thumbnail image available here.

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