Introducing: the desktop Worktapes

Published:  October 1, 2015


The desktop Worktapes is a new series of playlists curated by our network of creative legends.

Each fortnight, we’ll be inviting a designer, artist, illustrator, photographer, or studio manager to put together a Worktape of the songs that complement their creative process.

Kicking things off is Jack Mussett: Creative Director and Principal of Motherbird, and jury member of the Create Awards 2015. Jack’s two-part Worktape builds from the melancholic to heavy electronic.

“I firmly believe,” writes Jack, “that the creative process needs sadness, it needs happiness, it needs anger and it needs serenity. No playlist solves all creative problems, we need to keep exploring, keep thinking, keep listening and keep making.”

Background graphic by Jack Mussett

Background graphic by Jack Mussett

Follow The desktop Worktapes on Mixcloud here, and grab your tickets to the Create Awards here.

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