iPad 2 rumoured for production in February

Published:  December 9, 2010
iPad 2 rumoured for production in February

It feels like only yesterday that the first iPad was released and your head was being trampled on as the line became a stampede. Alas, if the latest rumours to come out of China are any indication, it’ll be time to do it all again very soon.

Apple has been called many things in the past, but if there’s one thing the company can’t be labelled, it’s inconsistent. New MacBooks arrive in October every year, iPods in September and new iPhones in June. The iPad was released in April (in the US) this year and it looks as though April is now iPad month.

According to Digitimes, Foxconn (Apple’s iPad manufacturer) has received an order for 400,000-600,000 next-gen iPad devices to begin production in February in time for an April release.

So what will the new iPad’s hardware offer? No one really knows, but the often accurate AppleInsider claims to have been told that Apple would introduce FaceTime-equipped iPads with built in cameras. In addition to this, a rumour emerged in November claiming that the new device would be equipped with both GSM and CDMA built in radios allowing it to be sold to most networks around the world.

We’ll find out if any of this chatter holds any weight early next year when Apple unveils its secrets at the annual Macworld event beginning 26 January 2011.

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  1. And will it support Flash?

  2. Highly doubtful, Apple supports HTML5 in replacing Flash.

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