Jacky Winter and 21-19 team up

Published:  October 17, 2011
Jacky Winter and 21-19 team up

The team at Melbourne’s The Jacky Winter Group have had much to celebrate recently.  Not only have they just relaunched their website, but have also announced a partnership with motion graphics and animation gurus, 21-19.

The partnership takes the form of Flutter a full-service animation house, which presents Jacky Winter’s 100-plus illustrators with the opportunity to “move with ease.” It enables each artist to seamlessly extend their illustrations from the page to television, film and digital platforms.

According to Jacky Winter founder, Jeremy Wortsman, Flutter was a natural progression for the Group and the idea had been in the pipeline for a fair while. “Basically when we started Jacky Winter it was just 12 artists and as we grew and got more attention, clients wanted more from us. They wanted more variations, so we signed more artists, and then they wanted storyboards so we signed storyboard artists. We found in the last two years though there were a lot of requests for animation  – moving digital banners or animations and TVCs, so it was the next step in the evolution.”

Collaborating with the team from 21-19 has enabled the Jacky Winter crew to dabble in animation without having to establish a whole new crew. “I always wanted to get into animation, but I didn’t want to represent more people. Instead of representing directors, we can now partner with a production company and fully integrate our processes where anyone can now animate a Jacky Winter artist,” says Wortsman.

Watch the Flutter promo video here. According to the team, “each scene [in the promo] features the art of one JW artist which has been artfully animated as a billboard – delivering a unique typographic message. In total, the scenes read as one cohesive statement or proposition.”

Keep a watch on the Flutter site, as a few projects will be launched later this week.

Stills from the video below:

4 Responses

  1. oh well thats just lovely isn’t it :)

  2. Pete

    This is a force to be reckoned with! *runs and hides*

  3. 21-19 rightfully taking over the world, and the ping pong table. This initiative is brilliant, well done team/s.

  4. brilliant – collaborate or stagnate.

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