Join DADo – the Robin Boyd Foundation design film society

Published:  April 18, 2013
Heath Killen
Join DADo – the Robin Boyd Foundation design film society

DADo is the film society of the Robin Boyd Foundation, whose mission is to bring the best in documentaries and films on architecture, design and urbanism to the Walsh Street courtyard. This monthly, curated film series will explore the relationship between film and the built environment and promote a wider community appreciation and engagement with design.

Each month over 2013, films on topics as varied as Bauhaus, the Russian avant-garde, the shopping malls of Victor Gruen, and Julius Shulman’s architectural photography, as well as a short films by local filmmakers, including artist Oslo Davis’s celebrated Melbhattan.

In addition to film screenings, DADo will also be hosting talks and discussions with guest speakers - from design academics to practitioners and artists - whose interests and experience intersect with particular films. Dado invites guest speakers to kick off the conversation with their unique perspective on the film subject. Guest speakers include prominent architects and designers, academics, artists, film critics, and individuals .

The full program for 2013 features —

April 17th — Oscar Niemeyer: A vida è um sopro
Guest Speaker: Dr. Norman Day (architect, educator and writer)

May 15th — Melbhattan / Hawkes House / Straight & True / Your House & Mine
Guest Speakers: Oslo DavisNaomi Bishops + Richard Raber, Peter McIntyre

June 12th — Bauhaus: Model and Myth
Guest Speakers: Dr. Diego Ramirez-Lovering

July 17th — The Gruen Effect: Victor Gruen and the Shopping Mall
Guest Speaker: Prof. Kim Dovey (Architecture and Urban Design, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at The University of Melbourne)

August 14th — Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman
Guest Speaker: John Gollings Architectural Photographer

September 11th — UtopiaLondon
Guest Speaker: Assoc Prof Hannah Lewi (Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at The University of Melbourne)

October 16th — KoolhaasHouselife
Guest Speaker: TBA

November 13th — Mystery Film
Guest Speaker: TBA

Screenings will take place at the iconic ‘Walsh Street’ residence, home to the Robin Boyd Foundation and former home of Robin and Patricia Boyd. All screenings will take place in the covered outdoor courtyard.

For more information about the program, and to become a DADo film society subscriber visit the DADo website.


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