Josephmark launches online resource for startups

Published:  February 8, 2016

In response to PM Malcolm Turnbull’s innovation agenda that embraces forward-thinking ideas, digital ventures practice Josephmark launches Vest – a dynamic resource of the companies that are generating the most buzz online right now.


With the government’s renewed focus on innovation, the Josephmark team felt it was time to highlight the ideas that put Australia on the map, make us leaders in our fields, and drive both economical and social growth

“Australia’s startup culture has been flourishing for a while now, and yet there’s no central place to see the hottest Aussie startups in a simple, visual way. This along with the fact that the government recently launched an innovation agenda, which focuses on forward-thinking ideas – it seemed like the perfect opportunity to promote the brightest and the best,” Josephmark’s creative director Alex Naghavi tells desktop.

06-Vest-Tablet-CompanyThe platform is not only for startups to showcase their ideas but a great resource to suss out the competition or potential partners. More importantly, it’s a potential go-to website for investors to find innovative ideas to back. The simple and uncluttered layout of the site definitely helps with the above.

To be on Vest, startups will have to check the three big criteria when they register.  ”The idea must have started in Australia, use tech to solve a problem, and the real bottom line is: is it adding value to Australia? If it’s helping our economy and creating jobs, then it gets a big tick from us,” adds Naghavi.

Head over here to view some of the startups and learn more about Vest.

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