Just Sydney’s type

Published:  February 16, 2011
Just Sydney’s type

Mick Tonello, Baz Beckley and Ross Mackenzie are the Type-Hoes and their fetish is Sydney’s font, which is why they’ve undertaken the massive task of preserving it all digitally.

The project is a labour of love for the boys, who are all from typography and ad design backgrounds. Camera in hand, they’re wandering the streets and snapping as many beautiful examples of 20th century signage as they can before they’re demolished or replaced.

It’s not an easy task. So they’re asking you to lend a hand. Next time you stumble across a beautifully painted letterform or quirky sign in Sydney, whip out your camera, take a shot and upload it onto the ‘Sydney’s Type’ Facebook page.

At the end of the project, the Type-Hoes will divide all the snaps by suburb and use them to create an online record of the city’s typeface past.

Check out some of the beautiful examples already uploaded.

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All images copyright Sydney’s Type.

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