Karan Singh’s “healthy addiction” sees glut of new projects

Published:  April 22, 2014

Somewhere between Australia and New York, Karan Singh has his nose to the grindstone in a state of astounding productivity. The Australian artist and illustrator has been updating his site and Behance regularly this year with new projects and self-initiated experiments, that has simultaneously seen a shift in his style — a reduction of form and detail, but with a heavy suggestion of a 3rd dimension to the otherwise super-flat work.

Millieu, self-initated project by Karan Singh

Millieu, self-initiated project by Karan Singh

While Singh has been commissioned to produce work for Intel, Fast Company, Nickelodeon, Knog and Pentagram, he describes himself on his website as having a “love of happy accidents, and a healthy addiction to self initiated projects”, an addiction that sees his work retain an experimental edge, and enable him to creatively experiment and mature between paid projects. He also sells prints of his illustration work.

Some of Singh’s illustration work, available for purchase

Some of Singh’s illustration work, available for purchase

Singh has also released the final outcome for his series of single artworks created for Canadian producer, Pat Lok. Lok’s 2014 releases; Move Slow, Needy and Could Be Mine now have covers inspired by the music — with varying background colours reflecting the mood of the track — and Singh’s personal discussions with Lok. The outcomes also depict, in a more direct way than previous work, Singh’s experiments with 3D illustrative methods.

Singh’s single artwork for Pat Lok

Singh’s single artwork for Pat Lok

Single’s single artwork for Pat Lok

Singh also recently shared the poster illustration he did for AGDA’s brand launch, as part of the half-A shape series the organisation initiated with many Australian designers and illustrators.

Singh’s work for the AGDA brand launch

Keep an eye out for more updates via Singh’s Behance, Twitter and http://wakeupmrsingh.com/

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