Kate Moross adjusts your design attitude

Published:  February 21, 2014

Images courtesy: Ed Park

Kate Moross is a young London-based art director and illustrator, who has released a book based on her career gumption and ‘can do, will do’ attitude. Make Your Own Luck: A DIY Attitude to Design & Illustration, offers advice for aspiring designers and creative professionals by charting Moross’ career so far and guiding future designers on how to create opportunities for themselves.

Discussing various subjects, such as the importance of self-promotion; how to stick to one’s design ethos while working with different clients and the importance of design qualification; she writes, “When I read a job application, I don’t look at the CV until after I’ve looked at (and liked) the portfolio. Having a Bachelor of Arts doesn’t make you employable. Experience is just as important.”

In a relatively short period of time, Moross has not only gained extensive experience across various aspects of the creative industry but has also set up her own studio in London. She has produced record sleeves, music promos and campaigns for an impressive range of clients, including MTV, Disclosure, Paul Smith and Ray Ban. She has also produced work for many brands including Cadbury’s, Sony, Vice and Dazed & Confused; and designed a clothing range for Topshop.

In her introduction she says, “I followed a simple DIY ethos inspired by the riot grrrl and punk music culture that I had been absorbing… through pirated music, gigs, zines and, more importantly, the Internet. I didn’t emerge into the world with a fully formed style or approach. Rather, I’ve worked hard for years.”

The book also offers practical knowledge on various topics. There is advice on setting up one’s own website and selling one’s work and a guide to setting up fees and work rates.

The book’s illustrative layout is laced with inspiring examples of personal and commissioned works, excitable headers and anecdotal bubbles. The cover photo, featuring an eclectic collection of objects designed by Moross, was shot by photographer John Short.

Neville Brody, who wrote the foreword, notes, “Kate Moross is brilliant, creative, fun and unique. And obsessed. You have to be. To not only survive but prosper in this industry requires all the driven craziness you can muster.”

The book will be published by Prestel Publishing and available for purchase in March.


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