KFC rebrand: The Colonel done right?

Published:  October 8, 2015

New York design agency Grand Army has given the fast food chain we all know, KFC, a brand new, modern identity with a nod to its original design.






As part of a significant new brand strategy by the brand’s new agency Wieden + Kennedy, Grand Army redesigned everything from signage to the napkins. It may have been a daunting task to redefine something that has been an icon for years but the studio took the plunge and started this comprehensive task with the Colonel.

The legendary Sanders logo that has made KFC so recognisable from afar has been simplified with the removal of the red background and a new placement of the mark on the bucket similar to the brand’s original design.


Courtesy of GrandArmy


Courtesy of GrandArmy


Courtesy of GrandArmy

The rebrand also include the red and white bars which are included in all the brand’s packaging, displays and website.

Grand Army hopes that this rebrand will reinforce KFC’s iconic brand image for many more years to come. What do you think of it?

Learn more about the rebrand here.


Images from Grand Army.

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  1. Is it just me or does the missing shirt collar make the Colonel look like a stick figure with a giant head?

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