Letterproeftuin sets up The Smallest Printing Company

Published:  October 17, 2013
Letterproeftuin sets up The Smallest Printing Company
Dutch design collective Letterproeftuin (Yorit Kluitman, Timon Van Der Hijden and Jaron Korvinus) have just debuted their littlest experiment The Smallest Printing Company, for the esteemed Chaumont International Poster and Graphic Design Festival. This teeny weeny mobile project comprises of a scale model of a silk screen table and a Roco-Ets V50—an old school printing press, both meticulously reproduced in incredible working detail and open to the public to use.Their aim was to print the smallest posters at the fair by inviting the public to interact with their installation and exhibiting the results in real time. It would have been hard to print anything bland, however, with the laser cut templates of shapes, stamps and letterpress characters they had pre-supplied, ensuring a characteristic “Letterproeftuin” style to each print.
Describing themselves as a “Traveling open-source design studio” and a “neo-craft workshop”, the collective appear to apply this rigorous application of thought and boundless craftsmanship to many of their projects. “It is an counter-action to the fast nowaday design tools,” they say of themselves, “It’s an invitation for designers to get their hands dirty in order to inspire, discuss and share knowledge.” Whatever their manifesto, it’s hard to imagine the processes and determination involved in creating a working scale model of a beautiful old printing press, but its existence allows an invaluable moment of reflection upon the contradictory ways graphic designers can often think and give form to their work.




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