Little Deities exhibition

Published:  February 17, 2012
Little Deities exhibition

The concept for the Little Deities exhibition, came to illustrator and lecturer, Daniel Atkinson, when he moved into a Brunswick flat with his partner Simone. “When we first moved in I noticed there was an arched space above the door leading to the flat. I decided to create a mock shrine in this space. I hand painted a doll I found in a $2 shop and used it as the centrepiece of the Shrine. After I built the shrine I started to wonder what others would consider worthy of worship?”

To bring his idea to life, Atkinson has called on sixty Melbourne-based artists, designers and illustrators, presenting them each with a standard size baby doll, with the instruction to transform the doll into a deity in any way that they’d like. Artists include Ben Ashton-Bell, Sonia Kretschmar, Andrea Innocent, textile designer Sarah Strickland, fine artists Kirsten Perry and Stephen Ives.

“I think this exhibition has a great mixture of humour and thought provoking material. I hope it encourages people to reflect on their own beliefs and ask themselves what they think is worthy of worship in the 21st Century,” says Atkinson.

Little Deities will be held at No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne from 8 to 18 March. Opening night is 8 March – 6pm – 9pm.

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