Lonely Planet calls for infographics pitches

Published:  March 20, 2011
Lonely Planet calls for infographics pitches

Want to contribute visually to Lonely Planet’s latest publication and get paid for it? The team is calling for pitches for a guide which is to be published in October 2011. How To Land A Jumbo Jet: A Visual Exploration of Travel Facts, Figures & Ephemera, will feature a number of infographics that showcase various aspects of travel.

Graphics will be sourced in an experimental way by accepting pitches for the book online. The pitching process is open to all  – with approximately 70 pitches to be selected and commissioned. Chosen designers will receive guidance and feedback from the editor of the book and seasoned infographic designer Nigel Holmes.

Submit your ideas by 27 March 2011. All information is available here.

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