Lunchtime with Gentleman Draughtsman

Published:  August 6, 2013
Lunchtime with Gentleman Draughtsman

Here’s another prolific-high output-niche subject creative blog to watch — Gentleman Draughtsman draws album covers every lunchtime. “Lunchtime Playlist” features the cover of whatever is playing on the studio stereo at the time and varies from Kraftwerk to Kings of Leon, with a fair bit of soul and Brit pop in between.

Projects like this are a specialty of the self-publishing potential of the internet – low cost, great for practice or skill building, enforcing a deadline and generating an audience. It can even aid in the beginning of a career — Jessica Hische of Daily Drop Cap, Eirian Chapman of Teeth and Hair and Spencer Harrison of MNML Thing are three designers that spring to mind who have benefitted from the daily tasks they set themselves.

If you are stuck for a creative activity in your moment between working and sleeping, you’ll find the opportunity for challenging yourself could spring from anywhere. As László Moholy-Nagy said, “Designing is not a profession but an attitude.”

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