Made in the Now Poster Book

Published:  October 11, 2012
Made in the Now Poster Book

Weekly t-shirt design project, Made in the Now (MITN), is celebrating its first birthday with a poster book. A side-project of Brisbane-based studio, Josephmark, MITN selects a new designer each week to cover a popular news story in the form of a t-shirt design, which is sold thereafter (until the next week, and so on).

The A3-size book will feature 30 popular designs from the past year of illustrations. With a pad glue edge, each print can easily be shared, framed and hung, and the book also includes a catalogue of all 365 designs.

Interested? For the next two weeks, the Poster Book will be available at a special pre-sale price of $40 (including free shipping). After this time, the RRP of $60 will be introduced.

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