Made You Look: A design documentary for the modern creative scene

Published:  September 12, 2014

A documentary set to tell the story of UK’s ‘graphic arts scene in the 21st century’ is on the way. Made You Look is the product of director, Anthony Peters’ dissatisfaction with the overlooked representation of the country’s creative community, and has committed his research into it in long-form documentary format.

Peters explains that he became inspired to investigate the practice of graphic artists across many different disciplines, as this film “isn’t just about the creative brilliance of people who have informed the way our world looks. It’s also a story that sympathises with the way many people feel in the modern age: overwhelmed and bombarded with information twenty four hours a day, longing for some time away from the multitude of screens through which we work, consume, create and record the world around us.”

In an interview with the Print Club London, Peters aims to understand the balance between working with your hands, and working on screen, or online. “Very few creatives could have an audience or career without the trappings of the internet and social media, and this tension between the analogue and digital world is the story we are pursuing in Made You Look.”

What can be described as a boom in the UK’s graphic arts and illustration industry, with a DIY creative scene beginning to prosper, has been given a boost by the availability of technology that is cost effective and of a highly-accessible professional standard. As tech becomes rampant, we are faced with the question, so what will become of the analogue objects we all hold so dear? Make You Look investigates the hands behind creation, both commercially and from a creative perspective.

The film is set to feature some of the UK’s leading illustrators and artists, including Sam Arthur from Nobrow, Ben The Illustrator, Anthony Burrill as well as many more brains from It’s Nice That, D&AD, V&A and the Print Club London, the film shows artists at work and play in their own creative environments.

The Crew

The Crew

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The Cast

The Cast

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