Madeline Kidd’s Decor8 prints capture domestic idealism

Published:  May 16, 2014

Currently in Craft Victoria‘s window space (Flinders Lane, Melbourne) you can catch a glimpse of the luxurious “lifestyle” work of Madeline Kidd, as part of her Décor8 exhibition.

The visual artist and Tractor drawing teacher produces sculptures, paintings, installations and theatrical designs that relate to styles of living, as “pseudo-fictional domestic settings,” within which, Craft Vic explain, “Commonplace and familiar icons of interior decoration, such as paintings, floral arrangements, fruit plates, abstract sculptures, symbols, even wall-paintings, are appropriated and recreated into her work.”

A set of prints have been created for the exhibition, which are specifically designed to reflect each room in a house: den, bedroom, children’s room, kitchen, dining room, study, lounge, and hall – 8 pictures of 8 decors for 8 rooms.

“I guess I have always thought of my painting as something that I design.” Kidd told Gather & Fold. “I buy props and set up shoots… I pop dye in cocktail glasses and scatter confetti, but people tend to miss that whole part of the process. I think a lot of people think they are found images or from greeting cards!”

You can pick up a print at the Craft Victoria shop.

Craft Window Space
17 April to Wednesday 18 June 2014
31 Flinders Lane Melbourne

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