Making A Splash: directed chaos from Victionary

Published:  June 24, 2014
Lucy Waddington

Often inventing our own invisible barriers, it is easy to become confined by formulaic trends in practice and aesthetic style. The creative industry is often misconceived as a clinical world of elite minimalists, sometimes forgetting to celebrate the expressive, human and organic, side of design. Hong Kong’s most influential creative authority, Viction:ary, has published Making A Splash: Graphics that Flow — an ode to those of us who colour outside the lines.

A dynamic compendium, the recently released book collates “150 trendsetting works spanning brand identities, print & packaging, typography, visual arts and artefacts”, to form “an exciting review that uncovers how the multifarious visual wonderment of liquid mediums triumph in marketable design. Divided into five sections, the title zooms in on various platforms, techniques and digital advancement that celebrate the charm of flowing visuals.”

making-a-splash_c_01 making-a-splash_c_02 making-a-splash_c_04 making-a-splash_c_03 making-a-splash_c_05

An honour to runaway motion and organic freedom, the book examines how “fluid forms are analogues of change and endless possibilities. Manifesting a capricious state that take on a life of its own once leaving our hands, mediums as varied as ink, watercolour, paint, acrylic, and digital paintbrush fuel artists and designers with inspirations, building a unique spectrum of work that break loose from sheer control into fun directed chaos during the creative process.

making-a-splash_s_01making-a-splash_s_14 making-a-splash_s_13 making-a-splash_s_12 making-a-splash_s_11 making-a-splash_s_10 making-a-splash_s_09 making-a-splash_s_08 making-a-splash_s_07 making-a-splash_s_06 making-a-splash_s_05 making-a-splash_s_04 making-a-splash_s_03 making-a-splash_s_02

Click here to purchase Making A Splash: Graphics that Flow for $39.95 (USD).

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