Meet Assemble Papers

Published:  June 27, 2012
Meet Assemble Papers

Promising to appeal to both the left and right sides of your brain is a new online mag from Melbourne, Assemble Papers. There are no shortage of cultural adventures in this publication, but topics extend to urban planning, the environment and, yes, financial affairs.

Edited by writer and video artist, Eugenia Lim, and put together by a small team, Assemble Papers’ mission is: “to build a quiet but critical mass around an informed, active and optimistic approach to sustainable city life, with a particular focus on Melbourne.”

If you’ve got a moment, head there now and enjoy a varied offering of features, opinions, essays and images. Articles online right now: Small but sunshiny house by Torafu Architects; Is Melbourne still the Golden Child?; Emlyn and Gabby Olaver: cook, work, parties, people and Gummiring – photos by Jess Brent.

Image from: 'The Cairo: romance and the minimum flat' article. Photo by Eugenia Lim

Image from: 'Gummiring'. Photo by Jess Brent

Image from: 'Is Melbourne still the Golden Child?'. Illustration by Marc Martin

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