Michel Gondry’s loving return to music videos, for Metronomy

Published:  February 14, 2014

For the first time in three years, Michel Gondry has returned to the form of the music video, directing the new clip for “Love Letters,” the latest release from Metronomy. Characteristically clever and planned with exactitude, Gondry’s distinct filmmaking style is unchanged, yet as pleasantly surprising as ever.

Shot in one precise take, the clip circles Metronomy inside a painted set, decorated internally and externally, transforming their environment and the perception of their activities as the camera spins around them. From a recording studio to a car, a concert hall to a computer screen, outdoors in nature to a lovers’ serenade, each transition aided with sound effects.

Previously, Gondry has worked with artists like the White Stripes, Daft Punk, Beck, Radiohead and until most recently, Björk.

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