Mini metropolis: step inside the kreative haus

Published:  February 23, 2015

Ever found yourself struggling to explain to a client what it is you actually do? Perhaps you’ve caught yourself lost for words when someone simply doesn’t know the steps involved in the creative process, what’s done in and outside of the studio, or who manages what. Hamburg-based kreative haus Deep Blue has made an animated typographic metropolis, examining each team within their agency like ants under a microscope:


Art Direction

“The kings of the visual world. Away from the slipstream of their iMacs, they scrub their forearms sore against tablet devices until they are 100% behind their concept; an appropriate level of devotion. When projects start flowing, they dictate the focus and commission talent for photo shoots, digital campaigns, large portal pages, illustrations or complete CI brands – the project demands are always varied.”


“A copywriter is in the business of knowing things. With persistent meticulousness he digs until he stumbles upon something worth knowing. Ideas are the stuff that dreams are made of — as long as they can be reduced to one sentence. He seeks to scratch the surface of what others only touch; he writes with heart, confidence and enthusiasm. Copywriters are employed depending on their knowledge and experience, before being assigned to work on campaigns, presentations, films or digital campaigns and websites.”

Interaction Design

“An app is like the new TV; no one wants to read the instruction manual. This is something that challenges interactive designers every day. They design and optimise an interface until no trace of complexity remains and each user knows where to go, entirely intuitively. Their attention to detail is essential, with the power to move an app from the virtual back shelf to a thriving revenue stream with over half a million active users.”

Motion Graphics

“Paper cut, illustration and the real image. A Motion Designer does not settle with one style, he possesses a knack for all when it comes to detail and timing. The result: slim, 2-D and 3-D animations that are bold, emotional and informative pieces of film with interactive info graphics that can be read by an already exhausted and overstimulated audience. They are our storytellers and entertainers.”


“For developers, two things must be on point: timing and concept. So here it’s crucial that nothing burns; this marks the beginning of a close-knit operation with bright minds across a number of disciplines. If the frontend and backend ever stumble in their sprint to the end of a project, our prospective daily stats are their pot of gold. However, it’s not just the fruits of their labour that we savour, but also the planting of a healthy tree.”

Interactive Development

“An unfortunately rare entity, a creative coder can make every digital detail fun. To avoid becoming ‘a flash in the pan’ in a flooded digital market, when it comes to animations, sounds and FWA-worthy projects, a forward-thinking Interactive Developer can access their bag of infinite tricks. You’ve been warned, the dark rings around a developer’s eyes pre-launch are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It’s crazy what is possible with HTML, JavaScript and a bit of passion.”

Account Management

“Tonnes of post-its pave a weaving path across a once clean desk, with a flurry of highlighted briefs, timelines, budgets, and resources. Harbouring a bundle of energy and an educated argument on the tip of their tongue, they keep projects on track and are not afraid to get in the ring with the customer – gong!”

Services & Finance

“Have you tried turning it off and on again? Our IT team has patience as solid as Queen Mary’s anchor. If you can learn to wrangle their ticketing system, there’s sometimes a chocolate kiss waiting for you as a reward. If you prefer something heartier, get on the good side of human resources and reception, they’ll come with bread and a bigger team. In addition to the supply of fresh baked goods they ensure that everything will run smoothly and with good humour at the forefront.”

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