More Than Pretty Pastels

Published:  January 22, 2014
More Than Pretty Pastels

If you thought pastels were for the more feminine of flowery design, you are party right and missing the big picture. Newly released Pastel has sourced design work from all over the globe—over 100 studios—to explore the trends and threads through which pastel palettes are utilised. The niche territory throws up interesting questions—the presumption of pastel as a mild, sweet or visually soft spectrum. The book looks at how the approach has been used to deny presumptions and challenge traditions in modern visual culture.

Following on from their comprehensive investigations into Black & White (No.1), Multicolour (No.2), Gold & Silver (No.3) and Neon (No.4), viction:ary have released this 5th book to the series, weighing down coffee tables with, fortunately, solid ideas as well as pretty pastels.

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