Musicians and Artists Pair Up For ARIAs

Published:  December 4, 2013
Musicians and Artists Pair Up For ARIAs

In the lead up to this year;s ARIAs, agency Maud and fashion label Marcs collaborated on a marketing initiative to celebrate Australian music, uniting five music acts with five visual artists.

In support of the music charity ‘Support Act’, the project paired Birds of Tokyo, Bliss N Eso, Emma Louise, The Rubens and The Presets with Finnish born illustrator Kustaa Saksi, Sydney artist Beastman, London-based artist Jonathan Burton, London duo We Three Club, and Australian artist Clemens Habicht. Each t-shirt featured a graphic interpretation of a lyric from each artist.

Kustaa Saksi’s illustration for Birds of Tokyo

Clemens Habicht illustration for The Presets

Jonathan Burton’s illustration for Emma Louise

We Three Club’s illustration for The Rubens

Kustaa Saksi’s extracted lyrics for Birds of Tokyo – We’re all in this riot, we riot as one, Beastman’s for Bliss N Eso Power to the people who have freedom in their focus, Jonathan Burton for Emma Louise Yeah we’re all living free and riding dreams, We Three Club for The Rubens’ Slow down don’t speak say something and Clemens Habicht for The Presets’ I’m here with all of my people, locked up with all of my people — all lyrics chosen as a rallying cry for the support of Australian music.

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