NB celebrates 2064 future predictions

Published:  February 26, 2014

Faced with the perennial challenge of producing a studio Christmas card, London-based NB concentrate on celebrating the year ahead instead. Aiming to outlive the seasonal obsolescence of a traditional holiday greeting, their aim is to create an annual limited edition piece to send out to friends and clients, with a different topical theme each year, and collaborate with a new group of creatives.

For 2014, NB looked into the past to make future predictions. “Back in 1964, the American author Isaac Asimov made a series of predictions about 2014,” the studio explained. “They touched on a wide range of subjects including transport, food, work and the home.

Packaging for NB’s 2014 prediction prints

Packaging for NB’s 2014 prediction prints

“This year, the future doesn’t seem so far away. The world of 2064 will be very different, so we’ve challenged four friends to make some predictions of their own.”

Inviting Jan Buchczik, Margaret CalvertGeorge McCalllum and Ryan Todd to take part, each contributor created a limited edition artwork inspired by Asimov’s predictions.

Margaret Calvert predicts the future of transport (left) and Jan Buchczik predicts the future of work (right)

George McCalllum predicts the future of housing (left) and Ryan Todd predicts the future of food (right)


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