New Blood: separating the ant from the ants

Published:  January 27, 2015

Supporting D&AD’s mission to nurture emerging talent, this year D&AD commissioned King Zog to design the 2015 New Blood Call for Entries campaign. 


King Zog are Felix Heyes, Josh King, Jake Slee and Ben West — “four boys from Streatham who do things including drawing and changing the world.” They are a young design collective from the 2012 New Blood Academy, who “know better than anyone how a Yellow Pencil can set you apart in the industry.”

Ant in a Hand

The brief in a nutshell, was to communicate that the D&AD New Blood Awards “give you access to the best briefs” and that winning a Pencil can be a “starting block to launching young creative careers.” The campaign was put together using real ants (and a real miniature New Blood Pencil!), which must have required some delicate handiwork.


Like ants, graduates are hard working, numerous and difficult to tell apart, but the one with D&AD’s iconic yellow Pencil is set to stand out instantly. Winning a Pencil can be a catalyst to a successful career, so “it’s time to separate the ant from the ants.”

Seperate Ants


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