New colours for Herman Miller

Published:  March 17, 2014

Photographer Carl Kleiner, known for his minimalist approach, has styled and photographed a series of abstract compositions for furniture manufacturer, Herman Miller.

The work documents the swatches of the company’s new materials palette, introduced as a fabric refresh for the brand’s seating and workspace products.

Arranging flat matts with leathers, wood finishes and woven fabrics, the work displays a move towards more “expansive, celestial, and lighthearted,” products. The Herman Miller site reports, ”The team takes into account the workhorse neutrals and bestsellers, determines how colours might be affected by matte or gloss finishes, or how well it holds up against various materials such as laminates, plastics, and veneers, and then they systematically begin filling in the holes.”

“Their ultimate goal is creating a palette that appeals to the senses. After all, nearly 85 percent of consumers believe colour accounts for more than half of their decision whether or not to purchase a product.”

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