New Michel Gondry video

Published:  February 3, 2010
Brendan McKnight
New Michel Gondry video

Whenever I hear that Michel Gondry has released a new video, it’s time to put down whatever I am doing and head to youtube. The man can do no wrong in my books. His latest offering is no exception and is the video for West Coast singer-songwriter Mia Doi Todd’s song Open Your Heart.

The pair met at party about 10 months ago and Gondry fell in love with her music “It’s incredibly fragile, personal, and very elevated.”

Gondry and Todd then began to scout locations in east Los Angeles to find the perfect setting “Basically, L.A. is not made for humans. It’s a lot of concrete and cars passing by. It’s very blank, which is a great background to put all these people with colors.” Then, they needed to find their extras. “I needed a group of people who could move together, but it would have been too affected if they were professional dancers. We found this marching band from Riverside Community College” says Gondry.

And while it may not be Gondry’s best video and treds a little on Feist’s 1234, it is filled with the warmth, charm and Gondry-ness that we have come to expect and love from the french director.

Mia Doi Todd “Open Your Heart” dir. Michel Gondry from Viewers Like You on Vimeo.

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  1. Luke S

    sweet video! – i love me some michel gondry. his chemical bros, let forever be is the best.

  2. Karl

    What a wicked idea for a video!

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